In the September/October edition of Faith Today, Lee Beach (Co-Director of the Centre for Post-Christendom Studies and Associate Professor of Christian Ministry at MDC) reflects on the nature of multi-generational leadership in the Canadian context of post-Christendom. As he writes about a recent interaction he had in the classroom:

My young student reminded me post-Christian culture is not something he needed to learn. He is native to it. The fact he represents thousands of people in the Canadian Church needs to be honoured, learned from, and capitalized on if the Church is going to engage in its mission successfully in Canada today.


He continues:

We have moved into a time where the Christian faith plays a diminished role in society and the Church is no longer a significant institution in the lives of most. The Church has to ask the question, “What difference does it make that we are now living in a post-Christian, postmodern context as opposed to a Christendom context?” The answer is, “A lot.” In fact in terms of leadership, this new reality demands a significant shift in how we develop, choose and empower leaders for the immediate context.


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